• Acta Universitatis Bohemiae Meridionalis

    Focus and Scope: The journal publishes original scientific papers, reviews, conceptual papers and scientific information in the field of economics and management.

    The journal was established in 1998. It follows the tradition started in 1971, and now discontinued, of the Collection of Scientific Papers, Series for Economics (ISSN 0139-8849) published by the State Pedagogical Publishing in Prague for the Faculty of Economics in České Budějovice, University of Agriculture in Prague.

    All papers submitted to the journal are subject to the double blind peer-reviewing procedure. The editorial board chooses reviewers from among the most renowned academic and scientific personalities in their field of expertise. Only those papers with relevant scientific contribution are published, which have not been previously published, or offered or accepted in a different journal. The journal is open to all authors who fulfil the stated criteria.

    Papers are published preferably in the English language.


    The publisher of the journal: University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice for the Faculty of Economics.

    Archive: The journal archive includes only fultext for papers published since the year 2012.

     Abstracting and Indexing

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  • Economics Working Papers

    Economics Working Papers (ISSN online 1804-9516, print 1804-5618)

    The EWP is a scientific peer-reviewed journal published in English in both paper and electronic version (on-line) with a unique ISSN number for both versions. Each issue deals with a different topic. One volume per year containing at least one issue is published.

    The EWP publishes original papers on current theory and methodology of economics and economic studies based on relevant empirical research. The aim of the EWP is to provide a platform for publishing and public discussing of longer studies (30 – 50 pages) usually not accepted by proceedings of scientific conferences and scientific journals.

    The publisher of the journal: Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

    Identification number of the publisher (ID): 60076658

    Publishing the EWP is based on the Strategy of the Faculty of Economics realized as a tool of a long-term support to the research.


    • Database RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), a central index of economics research, including working papers, articles and software code.