Loan financing research

  • Dana Vokounová University of Economics in Bratislava
  • Antónia Štensová University of Economics in Bratislava
Keywords: bank, financing, loan


Reforms lead to radical changes in the society. Changes on financial, labour and housing markets influence life of citizens. There's natural need to know going processes. Research is one of the tools. Results of research, which was realized by students within the subject Market research at Faculty of Commerce at University of Economics in Bratislava .are presented in this article. Research purpose was to find out, whether young people have their own accommodation, which resources they will use in the case of need. Research also focused on determination of chosen criteria significance in loan decision making. Research results indicate that majority of young people have not own accommodation. More than one half of them want to finance their housing by building savings. The majority young people (81,2 %) would use loan to purchase, resp. reconstruction, family house or flat. The most important criteria in loan decision making is its price and desired loan payment period is nearly 10 years.