Consumers preferences by choice of retail store

  • Ladislav Skořepa University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Keywords: retail store, foodstuff, consumers preferences


Working of new rising bigsquare stores of domestic and foreign distribution descriptors evocate through its expressively diverse quality of foodstuff distribution the rise of new shopping consumers manners. How is consumers behavior developing in selected region in the Czech Republic? It was a main subject of marketing researches in years 1997·2001. Among the factors, which influence consumers choice of supermarkets is price, assortment, comfortable shopping and opening hours. At the local stores the consumer appreciate its accessibility from view of time as well as a distance, first he buys here the fresh goods of daily consumption and he appreciate good relations with stuff. The marketing research about meaningful factors influencing decision of store choice evidenced, that on the consumers foodstuff market in the South bohemian region henceforth will have their own place both bigsquare stores involved in big distribution descriptors and local stores under assumption of fitting diversity of services and assortment.