The position of chambers of commerce in the Czech Republic and in Austria

  • Dagmar Bednářová University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Keywords: chambers of commerce, members, cooperation


The chambers of commerce in both countries have the same mission, which is the support of entrepreneurial activities, the protection of their members, securing their needs and the development of entrepreneurial connections. According to a different historical background of the both countries the situation and the position of their chambers of commerce are on a different level, too. In the Czech Republic is the membership voluntary, but in Austria is the membership compulsory. The contributions depend on the profit of the company in Austria, but on the number of employees in the Czech Republic. This paper deals with the analyzing these differences and finding proper ways for solving nowadays problems. As the research shows most entrepreneurs knows about the South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce. But they do not cooperate with it, only one quarter answered this question with yes. In the year 2002 there were 134,950 firms in the South Bohemia, but only 712 entrepreneurs were members of the chamber of commerce. The research gives a clear picture about the problem that first of all small entrepreneur have not yet capture the goal of chamber of commerce, to help them to rise the competitiveness. And the positive role of the chamber of commerce will be increased after our accession to the EU.