The analysis of influence of leaving examination on the result of admission test to faculty of management

  • Jitka Bartošová University of Economics, Prague
Keywords: admission test, leaving examination, hypothesis, statistical test


All applicants that want to study at the University of economics, the Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec have to be successfully graduated from high school. The preparation for leaving examination in certain subject at high school is at the same time the preparation for admission test. Thus, it is supposed that one of the factors influencing the results of admission test to the faculty is the result of leaving examination in that particular subject. On the other hand, public researches show that there are a certain number of students that prepares outside their school. They usually perform their preparation in the form of private lessons or collective preparation courses organized by universities. Therefore, recently the influence of passing leaving examination in relevant subject on the result of admission test could be fairly weakened. This paper studies the statistical importance and the potency of dependence of results of admission tests to Faculty of Management on results of leaving examination in relevant subject.