Abbreviation - a sign of language economy in foreign language specialist texts

  • Milena Dvořáková Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Keywords: abbreviation, language economy, internationalization, accuracy, derivation, agrarian economic text


The paper deals with one of the topical wordbuilding processes in specialist texts - abbreviation. In specia­list language is this possibility used in wider sense since in specialist language is applied the strain for clearness and derivation of terms next to the economical side of this wordbuilding process. The linguistic quality of abbre­viations with brachigraphic character, popularity of abbreviations in world languages answers the international tendencies of specialist language. The wordbuilding process is nowadays widespread in foreign langua­ge terminology. This is undoubtedly connected with a large number of multiple word terms. From the analyzed survey follows a 2,5% occurrence of abbreviations in agrarian economic texts. The research of the French agrari­an texts confirms the high frequency of multiple word terms and derivation. The greatest imbalance showed at abbreviations, where the bigger percentage is represented m popular specialist texts on the contrary to the other texts. It can depend on a whole range of subjective factors, concerning the author of the texts, to objective realities following from the character of specialist text.