Innovation of the management

  • Zdeněk Dytrt Tomas Bata University in Zlín
  • Michaela Stříteská University of Pardubice
  • Lucie Tomancová Tomas Bata University in Zlín
Keywords: innovation, managerial ethics, shareholder management, stakeholder management, corporate social responsibility


The contemporary management is often faced with the fact that in theory accepted basis are not in managerial practice fully followed. As an example, could be stated the understanding of the company as a system. In theory, an enterprise is defined as a relatively isolated system, but the practice often does not respect this fact and allows the company to act as an absolutely isolated system. Therefore, we encounter new concepts shareholder management and stakeholder management, which draw attention to this contradiction. If the practice does not respect the theoretical findings, management ceases to fulfil its strategic objective and creates a path to consumer thinking and consumer society. The ongoing economic crisis confirms these findings and highlights one of the main reasons which could be considered as lack of ethics in management. The aim of this paper is to inspire the reader to reflect on the possible changes of management philosophy.