Research of working and managerial activities of nurses in managerial position in the regional and private hospital in the South Moravian region

  • Tomáš Kotrba Private College of Economic Studies in Znojmo
Keywords: Head nurses, Department nurses, Hospitals, Working analysis, Autoscreening, Comparison


Article includes results of work studies that were done by autoscreening method in the regional hospital in the South Moravian Region by 9 head nurses and 23 department nurses and in the private hospital in the sae region by 12 head nurses and 13 department nurses. There were gained and analyzed 505 autoscreenings working day shots in total. There was found that department nurses from both hospitals in average mostly perform managerial activities (184 min./day). There are health care activities at the second place. Head nurses mostly perform health care activities (179 min./day). There are managerial activities at the second place. From the scope of structure of managerial activities the highest proportions have the rounds of department department nurses. On the other hand deparment nurses perform personal activities with the smallest frequency. Head nurses perform control activities in most cases. Both head nurses and department nurses together deal with administrative issues in average almost 100 minutes per day.