Aging of agricultural population and generation exchange in EU member states

Ivana Boháčková, Magdalena Hrabánková

Language: cze


A solution of problem of aging of agricultural population belongs to priorities of the present common agricultural policy. One of ways to tackle this problem is a support of generation exchange of owners on family farms. The following paper deals with this issue in two levels. Partly, it contains an analysis of farmer population aging, both in the “old” and the “new” EU member states, then especially in the Czech Republic. Further, it focuses on effectiveness of financial supports which are provided in connection with the generation exchange. From the analysis, pieces of knowledge resulted which could serve as a groundwork for policy of approach to the young or to starting farmers. It has still its reserves at present.


Aging of Farmers; Generation Exchange; Age Structure in Agriculture; Young Farmers; Common Agricultural Policy; Financial Supports and Their Impact

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