Importance of Knowledge Continuity in Business Continuity Management

  • Hana Urbancová Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  • Kateřina Venclová Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Keywords: Business Continuity Management, Knowledge Continuity, Employee, Organisations


At present, the real generator of wealth in society, as well as in the economy as a whole, is knowledge. Knowledge that is critical and precious for an organization (whose loss would represent a threat for the organisation) and that is valuable for competitors needs to be treated with care. Knowledge continuity management is, also, applied to preserve critical knowledge in an organisation in situations where its holder leaves to join a competitor or to retire. The article aims to identify the level of business continuity ensuring in organisations with an emphasis on knowledge continuity. Without employees with the necessary knowledge it is not possible to ensure business continuity. The article contains recommendations for anticipating threats and the elimination of their effects on human resources through knowledge continuity. The article is prepared on the basis of the evaluation of results of research conducted in organisations in the tertiary sector in the Czech Republic. The results show that the majority of organisations do not ensure knowledge continuity as a part of Business Continuity Management, which leads to a threatening of key processes in organisations. One of the conclusions of the article is that, by systematic ensuring of business continuity, it is possible to support the continuity of individual activities in organisational processes and, thus, support Business Continuity Management.