Agritourism business in the Czech Republic

  • Marie Pourová Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Keywords: Agritourism, business, conditions, problems, development, the Czech Republic


The article deals with possibilities and problems of agritourism development in the Czech Republic from the viewpoint of local authorities. The survey indicates that agritourism is at the beginning of its development in the Czech Republic and is accompanied with difficulties. The interest in agritourism development is identified in North-Moravian region, where the unemployment rate is the highest, then in South-Bohemian, South-Mora via n and East-Bohemian regions. Conditions tor agritourism and related activities development differ from region to region. An interest to enter the agritourism business is generally low. The problems can be solved, it is necessary to concentrate on them and to precede them. Our operations should be based on the experience acquired abroad.