Determination of Indicators of Corporate Governance Performance Measurement in the Czech Republic

  • Marie Dočekalová Brno University of Technology
Keywords: Corporate Governance, Czech Republic, Performance of Corporate Governance, Key performance indicators


Effective Corporate Governance is seen as a key factor in achieving economic performance. This article aims to define key performance indicators (KPIs) of Corporate Governance (CG). Defined indicators in a clear, understandable and measurable way reflect the performance of CG. To meet the objectives of the article, a literature search was performed. Approaches of international organizations (IFAC, DVFA, EABIS and UNCTAD) to measure the performance of CG were analysed. In addition, a questionnaire survey was carried out. The purpose of the questionnaire survey was to describe the current situation and approach of companies to the issue of CG. Based on a synthesis of the knowledge 14 KPIs divided into six areas are proposed: Strategy; Effectiveness of CG; Corruption & anti-competitive behaviour; Involvement in politics & payments to public officials and institutions; Relations with stakeholders; and Compliance.