The Approach of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to Process Management

  • Drahoš Vaněček University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Keywords: Small and medium sized enterprises, Process management, Production, Competitive advantage, Outsourcing


This investigation of small and medium sized enterprises is based on receiving and evaluating 185 questionnaires reflecting the situation in 2010. Data from questionnaires were evaluated in three different ways: 1) as average values of the whole group. 2) Later, they were sorted according to the number of employees (1-9; 10-24; 25-49; 50-249) and 3) according to six different specialisations. The planning activity is most developed in enterprises with 50-249 employees, where on average 2.6 different plans are used, however, in the category with 10-24 employees only 1.6 plans are made. The same tendency concerns process maps, which are constructed first of all in enterprises with 50-249 employees (67.2 %),whereas, in the category of 10-24 employees this is only 21.7 %. A part of this investigation was focused on four main processes: Marketing, Human relations, Production and Finance. The best evaluation was in respect of Finance, followed by Production, Human relations and Marketing. Detailed analysis was carried out for the process connected with Production. Besides this, the analysis also concerned outsourcing [most outsourced activities were accountancy (24.9 %), maintenance (23.2 %) and transport (26.5 %). As the most competitive advantage there was mentioned assortment (37.8 %), flexibility (21.6 %) and quality of work (35.7 %). The enterprises are worried the most about client’s insolvency (39.5 %) and policy of the government (20.5 %).