Where are the Visegrad Countries in Meeting the Targets of the EUROPE 2020 Strategy?

  • József Káposzta Szent István University, Gödöllő
  • Henrietta Nagy Szent István University, Gödöllő
Keywords: CEE Region, Lisbon Strategy, EUROPE 2020 Strategy, Indicators, Economic and Social Progress


The aim of our study is to highlight the specialities of the Visegrad countries, focusing on their progress in meeting the targets of the two most important strategies of the EU, namely the Lisbon strategy and EUROPE 2020. We wanted to find out whether the Visegrad countries have got closer to the targets defined by the European Commission up to now or if they still need further improvements in some of the fields. In our research, we also intended to see whether the performance of the V4 is enough to catch up with the more developed regions of Western Europe to achieve a harmonised development as well as economic and social convergence. In this paper we intend to share the major findings related to the economic and social progress of the Visegrad countries and to highlight their commonalities as well as differences.