Association between quality management and financial performance

  • Jana Pokorná Masaryk University, Brno
Keywords: Financial Performance, ISO 9001, Costs of Quality, Quality Management


This paper deals with quality management using ISO 9001 certificate and other similar certificates and with Costs of Quality. Numerous studies claim that quality management increases a company’s performance, mainly measured by operational indicators. The paper aims to find out if there is also a relationship between implementing these tools in a company and higher financial results. An analysis was carried out on a sample of 548 medium-sized and large companies based in the Czech Republic, by way of an extensive questionnaire survey. Financial performance was measured by means of the return on assets indicator between the years 2005-2011. The findings proved that ISO 9001 and other certificates are quite widespread. Costs of Quality, however, are of little interest to companies. Better financial performance in companies which aim at quality management has not been confirmed.