Factors of Personality leading to employee turnover in organisation

  • Lucie Vnoučková The University of Economics and Management, Prague
Keywords: Organisation, turnover, employee, causes, personality


Employee turnover is quite costly. Firstly in terms of finance, secondly there is the possibility to lose knowledge workers and thirdly it may threaten knowledge continuity. Therefore, it is necessary to take care about causes leading to employee turnover. The aim of the paper is, based on the outcomes of primary survey, to identify and describe the specific causes leading to employee turnover and by naming them to suggest changes in human resource management leading to restriction or to complete elimination of such a  problematic phenomenon. The results summarize the main causes of employee turnover and divide them according to the outcomes of statistical analyses (correlation, regression and principal component) to internal causes based on personal focus of employee (his/her personal values) into collectivistic and individualistic. The focus on resulted factors and their education as new competence model to managers may limit the cases of negative turnover in practice.