An Analysis of the Impact of Cohesion Policy in the Transport Sector

  • Lenka Smékalová Tomas Bata University in Zlín
Keywords: Cohesion Policy, Private Sector, Public Sector, Small and Medium Enterprises, Transport


With reference to the general importance of transport infrastructure for regional devel-opment, this paper takes a different approach to the analysis of the European Union cohesion policy funding and views it in terms of transport oriented business entities. It analyses the data matrix of cohesion policy funded projects in the period 2007 – April 2011, in terms of the beneficiary characteristics, project characteristics and spatial distribution within the districts of the Czech Republic. The results show particular activity of public sector entities in transport infrastructure oriented projects, while private sector entities focus rather on human resources and technological advancement projects. The analysis confirms the predominance of small and medium enterprises among the beneficiaries in the majority of districts, but results contradict the officially declared preference of economically lagging regions.