Labour market in cross-country regions

  • Dagmar Bednářová University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Keywords: labour market, unemployment, employment, migration


The development in the labour market, unemployment, the lack of job opportunities and the adjoining migration of the population with all the consequences are still more topical questions. The endangered groups of people are women, people with low qualification and the young people including the graduates from secondary schools and universities. The situation in the South-Bohemian Region is in comparison with the whole Czech Republic more convenient. One of the reasons is also the better opportunity to work in the cross-country regions in Austria. The Czech citizens use this opportunity not only for the financial reasons (although these reasons are the most evident) but also for the reason of getting new experience. From the Austrian side the influx of foreign workers from one point of view is convenient (cheap labour force, seasonal labour in agriculture and forestry), but from the other point of view there is fear from raised competition and mainly after the entrance of the Czech Republic to the EU.