Vol 15, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Do Small Enterprises Prepare for Crisis? PDF
Marie Mikušová, Václav Friedrich 3-16
Financial Ratios as Financial Distress Predictors for SME in Czech Republic PDF
Jan Adamec 17-30
Measuring of Market Orientation on Sample of Small and Medium Innovative Enterprises PDF
Jiří Nožička, Stanislava Grosová 31-42
The Ethics of the Promise in the Service Marketing Triangle and its Effect on Value and Customer Intentions for Education Services PDF
Taufani C. Kurniatun, Pantri Heriyati 43-53
Connections between Customer Relationship Management and Market Orientation PDF
Daniela Frejková, Vladimír Chalupský 55-64
Ensuring of Knowledge Continuity in Organizations in the Czech Republic PDF
Hana Urbancová, Martina Königová 65-75
Application of Multidimensional Evaluation Method of Clusters PDF
Veronika Jašíková, Petra Marešová 77-90
Relationship between Unemployment and Wages at the Regional Level in the Czech Republic in the Period 2003-2010 PDF
Michal Šulc, Jana Borůvková, Roman Fiala 91-101
Regional Disparities and their Development in Czech Re-public over 1996-2010 Years PDF
Libuše Svatošová, Zuzana Novotná 103-110

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