The development of agrarian foreign trade in rabbit meat

  • Luboš Smutka Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  • Eva Rosochatecká Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Keywords: export, rabbit meat, production, exchange rate, unit price, world, regions, the Czech Republic


The paper analyses the production development and trade in rabbit meat in the Czech Republic, in the world and in selected regions. Rabbit meat production throughout has been constantly increasing (during the period 1994–2007, the volume of production increased from 1 million tonnes to 1,7 million tonnes – i.e. 67%). In the long term, the share of rabbit meat in the total volume of world meat production has been oscillating between 0,5–0,7%. The first part of the paper analyses the main development trends and tendencies. The second part analyses the influence of selected factors on volume of actual production and trade (exchange rate (CZK/€), unit price (€/kg), export volume (in kilograms). The basis for the analyses of mutual relations between selected variables is the regression analysis. The results of individual regressions are tested through the classical t-test and the relationships between variables are tested at the significance level alfa=0,05 and alfa=0,01. The influence of individual parameters (exogenous variables) change on the analysed endogenous variable is quantified through the elasticity calculation. Another very important part of the paper is the analysis of Czech rabbit meat export competitiveness in the world market. The analysis of competitiveness is made through the calculation of RCA index (the Balassa (1965) Index of revealed comparative advantage). The analyses of global environment changes cover the time period since 1993 to 2007. The analyses of the Czech rabbit meat production and trade is based on the analysis of the selected subject of the Czech rabbit meat market (meat processing company - Rabbit Trhový Štěpánov a.s.). This company has a significant share of the total Czech rabbit meat market and it is also the dominant rabbit meat exporter. The analysis of Czech rabbit meat exports covers the time period since January 2004 to July 2009. It must be mentioned that this paper is written as a part of more extensive research undertaken by author and co-authors, and also that paper is undertaken within the framework of research activities which are a part of VZ MSM 6046070906 (“Economics of resources of Czech agriculture and their efficient use in frame of multifunctional agri-food systems”).