Evaluation of the quality of life in LFA villages in the region of Prachatice

  • Anna Čermáková University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
  • Veronika Hlavsová University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Keywords: Prachatice, LFA of the village, Quality of life, Statistical analysis of contingency tables, Method of cluster analysis


There is analyzed the subjective assessment of quality of life in communities in LFA Prachatice as it perceived by the inhabitants of these villages. LFA areas are rate as less favoured areas. Most of the surveyed population is economically active and they assess their current life situation as good. In a comprehensive evaluation of life indicators (see tab. 3.), there are defined two groups of people, group of satisfied residents and a group of people more satisfied. Most critically was assessed local transport infrastructure. In the studie area hasn´t 66% villages natural gas network. More than ¾ majority of the inhabitants of these villages, however, hasn´t interest of natural gas network in their community and do not perceive this fact as a reduction in quality of life. Were examined the existence and tightness of the link between civic activity (civic activity was represented by two attributes – see tab. 5) and selected indicators (size of community, population education, age, and patriotizmus position in the labor market). It isn´t shown a link between education and civic activity, and vice versa has been demonstrated the link between civic activity and size of villages. Other indicators correspond with at least one of the attributes of civic activities. The mechanism of binding has been investigated by sign scheme. We came to interesting conclusions. Worth noting is the fact that it has been shown that people aged 18-29 years with the development of villages hasn´t interested. With this corresponds the fact that people with "different" position on the labor market (these are mainly students and young unemployed) than they are employees, self-employed and seniors, they don´t engaging of active work to develop villages.