Economic impact of indirects effects of tourism on the South Bohemian production

  • Michaela Antoušková Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Keywords: Tourism, Multipier, Input-Output Analysis, Tourist Expenditures


Tourism is characterized as a sector of economy with high multiplier effect; tourism significantly influences other sectors of national economy. Through the multiplier the indirect effect of tourism might be measured. The value of tourist multiplier is a strongly discussed topic, especially in the Czech Republic. The indirect effects of tourism are commonly measured by multiplier in other countries. The article aims to quantify the indirect effects of tourism in the Southern Bohemia. To quantify these effects the primary research was made in order to find out the value and the structure of tourist expenditures in the region. The quantification of multiplier was based on the tourist expenditures and the analysis of symmetric input-output tables. Through the calculated multiplier the indirect impacts of tourism were finally derived. Pieces of knowledge introduced in this paper resulted from solution of an institutional research intention MSM 6046070906 „Economics of resources of Czech agriculture and their efficient use in frame of multifunctional agri-food systems“.