Value for money drivers in PPP projects - impact on the czech VFM methodology

  • Jan Ostřížek Mendel University in Brno
Keywords: Public private partnership, Value for money, Project evaluation, VFM methodology


Presented paper deals with qualitative analysis of several papers and studies focused on identification of key Value for Money drivers in Public Private Partnership projects/schemes. In the first part author clarifies the basics and specifics of PPP projects evaluation with a special focus on Value for Money methodology, which is, in general, the most widespread method of PPP projects evaluation – used in UK, Australia, Ireland or Netherlands. The key part of this paper address to analysis of selected papers with key impact on the PPP project feasibility. Four most frequently cited papers and studies are analyzed. Based on the analysis the factors are aggregated in order to develop universal ordered list of mentioned factors. This list is compared with in Czech VFM methodology used key factors. Regarding the outputs of this comparison the risks associated with using of universal VFM drivers in Czech VFM methodology are identified and some recommendations for Czech VFM methodology creators are formulated.