Analysis of Internal Communication and Workplace Climate in Enterprises in the Czech Republic

  • Vlasta Doležalová University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Keywords: Human Resource Management, Internal Relations, Communication, Superior and Subordinate


Management of human resources is crucial for companies and includes internal communication, employee information, as well as employee relations at work. Workplace communication, information sharing and work relations on all hierarchical levels within a business are essential for the survival and success of small and medium-sized companies. The goal of this article is to analyse personnel systems, focusing on the relationships between superiors and subordinates, superior-subordinate communication and information sharing by company leaders with their subordinates, from the perspective of subordinates. Thereafter, gathered information is compared and analysed in terms of a focus on the advantages and disadvantages of a given work climate. Analysis and reasoning around the subject of respect and disrespect towards superiors from the perspective of subordinates is also presented. Data were gathered using questionnaires in small and medium-sized companies in the South Bohemian region. The questionnaires were completed by employees during the year 2013. This paper is based on data from the GAJU 039/2013/S grant-aided project called: The management of human resources of small and medium-sized companies.Fulltext: