Gender, Education and Marital Status as Determinants of Job Satisfaction

  • Ladislav Uhlíř
  • Petr Řehoř


The issue of job satisfaction has been discussed by the researchers and managers of organizations for several decades. There are many different approaches to the issue. Currently, it is possible to find the research dealing with psychological aspects determining the level of job satisfaction, the research analysing the role of satisfaction and work motivation and the research focused on the consequences of job satisfaction and dissatisfaction. This paper describes how the job satisfaction of employees differs (if so) depending on their gender, level of education and marital status. It was found that people with university education rate their job satisfaction better, than people without university education. Similarly, people in a relationship evaluate their job satisfaction better than people without a relationship. No significant differences in general job satisfaction were found between men and women. The data for the research are based on a questionnaire survey, attended by 4,728 respondents from the Czech Republic working in various industries and in the enterprises of various sizes.