Artificial Intelligence: Technology 4.0 as a solution for healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Anuj Kumar
  • Purvi Pujari
  • Nimit Gupta


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented spotlight to the healthcare sector across the globe. It has revealed the weak links as well as neglected aspects of the healthcare sector. The aspects like data collection about patients, access to and outreach of authentic information in times of pandemics and use of technology for collaboration among medical researchers and workers have been overlooked for a long period of time. As the world is watching an inflection point of the digital technology era, it is highly imperative to analyze where these two supposedly separate sectors converge. This research paper has attempted to do the same. A systematic literature review of twenty research papers have been done to know impact of artificial intelligence in dealing with COVID-19 problem. The benefits offered by the technological revolution, namely technology 4.0, to the healthcare sector has been analyzed in this paper with a special emphasis on the role of Artificial Intelligence. Adoption of latest technology in collating patients handling systems, supply of medicines and other medical requirements, collaboration in the areas of research and development amid COVID-19 are few of the aspects of the paper. There is an immediate need for a technology embedded in healthcare system.