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Author Guidelines

Papers undergo a stylistic and editorial revision followed by author’s review. Authors are required to respect the formal rules stated in the guide for authors. Not respecting these rules is a reason for rejecting the paper.

Papers are submitted to editor´s office electronically by e-mail in *.doc or *.rtf file and simultaneously in two printed manuscripts with the statement of originality. Papers are submitted in good English.

Technical editor: Ing. Markéta Matějčková, e-mail: matejckova@ef.jcu.cz

Review process

Publishing of papers is conditioned by a successful peer-review according to specified procedure that is published. Each paper is reviewed by at least two reviewers; the paper is published in case of two supporting recommendations. Any of the reviewers is not allowed to be a member of the Editorial Board or staff of the same institution as the author or co-author of the submitted paper (The form of a EWP review available in czech, english).

Reviewers are chosen from a number of experts on the basis of their proven qualification in the area discussed in the paper outside the institution where the author works. Names of the reviewers are published when publishing the paper. Before publishing the paper, reviewers know neither names of other reviewers nor names of the author(s) of the paper. Author’s name is not known to reviewers. The decision of accepting, revising or rejecting the paper is taken by the chairman of the editorial board according to review process rules.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.