Future perspectives of independent pharmacies in the Czech Republic – Comparative analysis of selected financial indicators of independent pharmacies

  • Písek Jaroslav


Objectives: To evaluate the performance of independent pharmacies in the Czech Republic based on analysis of the latest available financial data of the sample of pharmacies. Methods: The comparative analysis of pharmacies and their financial indicators in the period from 2013 to 2017 in a randomly selected sample. Results: Randomly selected sample includes nine micro-enterprises; one pharmacy operated in the commercial centre; a polyclinic pharmacy and eight community pharmacies. The company-specific table contains nineteen figures, seven ratios and three growth rates. Conclusion: A review of performance in the independent pharmacy segment based on financial results shows good financial status in most pharmacies examined. Seven companies in the sample have performed very well. Reducing personnel costs in the other two can achieve a balanced or profitable economy. Only one of the pharmacies is over-indebted and threatened by insolvency. The perspectives of operating independent pharmacies seem to be positive based on historical results and expected changes in the near future.   Key words: Pharmacies, Financial management, Economic competition.   JEL classification: G32, I11, M21, M41