Spatial analysis of financial health of companies

  • Berková Ilona


The aim of the paper was to describe the literature overview of companies’ location in the context of the economy and the assessment of companies’ performance. Then there is the introduction of a new statistical methodology for the description of the location of companies because the location of companies is one of the most important factors which ensures the future successful development of a company. The methodology can be applied for the evaluation of companies’ location and could answer the question of where it is better to place a new company. To tackle the location of companies, the local population and the health of companies was taken into account. The methodology is based on a point process. Since the population is unevenly distributed and companies choose their locations according to the size of the local population, it was not possible to use homogeneous models and thus the local scaling principals were used for modeling the inhomogeneity. For the evaluation of the health of companies, Neumeiers’ indices were taken into account.