Use of the Big Data platform and cloud applications in the SME segment in the Czech Republic

  • Homan Jiří


This article aims to explain the features of the cloud computing platform and the possible deployment modes of these services. It further explains the concept of big data. Because these phenomena could have a positive benefit in the case of implementation for small and medium-sized Czech companies (SMEs), we devote ourselves to the description and use of existing methodologies that explain the penetration of new technologies towards their users. To form a broader view of the current situation, we, in this paper, provide an overview of the current use of individual services provided through the cloud computing platform by small and medium-sized enterprises. From this overview, it is evident that small and medium-sized enterprises use more and more applications based on cloud computing. Our overview also showed that the field of big data processing is not relevant for SMEs. They do not use cloud solutions aimed at processing big data. This area may be relevant in the future in the future by purchasing Internet of Things services. Among the implemented cloud computing services, services that implementation is not too demanding stand out. It is not yet clear what leads SEMs businesses to this behavior. In our research, we propose to find out, with the help of semi-structured interviews, how the decision-making process takes place in SMEs. We propose a series of questions for these interviews with individual investigated factors. When designing them, we are based on the preliminary research and existing research articles dealing with this topic.