Management of integrated passenger transport system and its role in tourism development

  • Samková L.


This contribution aims to prepare theoretical background for a PhD thesis titled Integrated passenger transport management systems in the development of tourism. The aim of the paper is to explore the current knowledge in the field of the integrated passenger transport system (IPTS) in the context of the tourism development, identify the unanswered questions that require further research and assess some elements of the IPTS development potential. The areas of economic theory – consumer theory in transport, the management of the integrated transport system, and financial management, more specifically, investments in the integrated transport system – were chosen for elaborating the theoretical starting points. Integrated management of passenger transport in cooperation with all carriers and at least in a group of several municipalities, is a discussed intention of a number of municipalities. The integrated system has the potential to simplify transportation for passengers and also increase the volume of passenger transportation. High-quality transport service is one of the success factors of a tourism destination. Road passenger transport continues to expand as it offers fast transport at an affordable price. For this reason, the integrated transport system is also a frequently addressed topic, but it is not much explored in relation to tourism. An effective integrated passenger transport management system can contribute to the development of tourism in a given area and to the subsequent development of the area. In the South Bohemian Region, the integrated transport system is not fully functional, so there is a space for its innovation, and it provides research possibilities. This topic also shows publication and theoretical-research potential.