Approaches To Overtourism In The Area Of Destination Management Marketing

  • Vysušilová P.


This research addresses the critical need to understand the role of Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) in facing overtourism through an investigation into the practices employed by diverse DMOs. The aim of this paper is to identify the marketing strategies and tools used by DMOs in response to tourist destination congestion in the context of the available literature and the current state of knowledge and to suggest needs and directions for further research based on case studies focused on selected tourist destinations. Exploring the roles of DMOs in Vannes, Colmar, Melaka, and Český Krumlov has revealed a diverse spectrum of responsibilities undertaken by these entities. Insights drawn from semi-controlled interviews with marketing representatives shed light on the nuanced challenges of overtourism and the array of tools available to DMOs for mitigation. The discourse transcends geographical boundaries, recognizing overtourism as a complex interplay of economic, socio-cultural, and environmental factors across varied destinations. In response to the evolving tourism landscape, the study emphasises the urgency for DMOs to adopt forward-thinking approaches, innovate strategies, harness technology, foster collaborations, and continually evaluate the effectiveness of deployed tools. While acknowledging the contextual nature of identified tools and strategies, and not yet providing a universal solution, the insights gleaned from diverse experiences may serve as a starting point for further research endeavours and a catalyst for adaptive measures to improve destination resilience in mitigating overtourism's impacts globally